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Automated Income From Home


The only true system that builds your business while you sleep

Every time you refer someone to M&G Home Business you get paid 100% of the $49.95 setup fee. Your referral falls into the 2×10 matrix and you get paid residual income for every month they continue using the system for $39.95 per month. You can tell your whole team where they can get an automated system to help them grow their and your downline. So you get the double benefit of a 100% referral bonus AND a downline that actually helps you grow your downline!

When Time is your Enemy, you can turn to

M&G Home Business for Success While you Sleep!

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to any 3rd party.

If you go back to the top of this website, you'll see my number. Many times we join a business and have no support, no help and no one can be reached. Not only will you have support from Me, But M&G Home Business offers Free Live Help in a skype room. M&G Home Business will answer all your questions and concerns you may have. 

If you meet any of the following criteria, M&G Home Business is Definitely for you:


- If you are new to internet marketing (Promoting the system itself on autopilot will generate income while you sleep)


- If you are tired of no having success


- If you want to make money online


- If need additional income working from home


- If you are in an affiliate program and need more leads


- If you need MLM Leads


- If you are in Amway, Melaleuca, USANA, Nu Skin, Isagenix, Forever Living, Legal Shield, ACN, Herbalife
  4Life, Advocare, 5LINX, Synergy WorldWide, Arbonne, Xango, Nature's Sunshine, Morinda, Mannatech
  Shaklee, Nikken, Sunrider, Freelife, Neways, Juice Plus (NSA)


- If you believe everything is a scam (Maybe this time you will Actually See Results)


- If you've failed in the past with any other opportunity

We HATE spam and will NEVER sell your information

to any 3rd party.


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It's Easy to make money online - Really?!:

Is M&G Home Business For Me?:

How many times have you been told that it’s so easy to make money online?


How about the number of times you’ve heard or read testimonials from people claiming that they made some incredible amount of money in some crazy short time frame?

 - "Get rich in 7 days, How I went from 0 to $10,000 in 90 days, etc".


The truth is that over 97% of those who attempt to make money online fail because they don’t have a big enough pool of people (leads) that trust them enough to give them their hard-earned money for whatever is being offered. The run out of leads and give up completely.


You don’t need to be one of the 97%! It's Time to break the Cycle, There is a great new system out there that gives you 300 leads per day. Yes, 300 leads per day!

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Fast & Easy Setup:

The lead generating system comes with a constant supply of prospects, professionally written email series, lead segmentation and a notification system. All you have to do is take 1 minute to fill out the setup form and it all goes to work for you. You can save up to 50 URL’s to use as personalization tags in your messages.



The M&G fully automated system has 5 phases:


1) Messages are customized for your business


2) Potential subscribers are loaded into the first message series showing your business or offer


3) Potential subscribers receive 5 messages over 10 days to see if they like what you are offering


4) Interested prospects click on your link and are automatically moved to your personal list



5) Your subscribers receive 15 powerful messages over 30 days designed to convert your offer
M&G sends you an instant notification when someone clicks on your website. You can then login to your control panel to get their phone number and call that person when they are still on your website. You can easily edit or add messages quickly and easily with the WYSIWYG editor. Your system is loaded with 300 leads every day and you can download these leads.
M&G Home Business offers great support in the Skype room.